Line for packing in buckets

type JC-KW

Linie is intended to pack sour cabbage and the vegetable salads into buckets. The line consists of: dispensing device, lock lid device, transporter of raw material, transporter of pack, fluid dispensing assembly (on request printer date).


• Height 1400 mm
• Length 4000 mm
• Width 2300 mm
Weight: 380 kg (for 1kg), 620 kg (for 3-5kg)
Power demand: 1 kW
Voltage of power: 230/400 V; 50 Hz
Capacity: 1200 (for 1kg); 900 (for 3kg); 600 (for 5kg)
piece per hour
Air pressure: 0.7 Mpa
Air consumption: 8 m3/h
Staff needed 2 persons