Line for packing in bags

type JC-KO

Is intended to pack the sour cabbage and pickled cucumbers into bags made of polipropyl and polietyl foil and other two-layered bags. The machine makes the bags and fills them with the product, closes them and leave them to the conveyor.


• Height 2230 mm
• Length 1250 mm
• Width 900 mm
Weight: 850 kg
Power demand: 2.5 kW
Voltage of power: 230/400 V; 50 Hz
Capacity: from 800 to 2000 bags per hour
Size of bags Width: max. 300mm
Length ajdusted: to 300mm
Size of the batch of the product:
from 0.3 to 1 kg
Size of the batch of liquid:
from 0.1 to 0.7l
Air pressure: 0.7 Mpa
Air consumption: 15 m3/h
Additional equipment –
date stamp, giving conveyor,
receiving conveyor, adapted
to functioning in the atmosphere
of the natural gas.
Staff needed 2 persons